Russ Roberts

Vice-President, Government Business Development, Hanwha Phasor

Russell Roberts served as a US Naval Submariner before starting his civilian career in commercial satellite communications with Hughes Network Systems in an R&D role for what became HughesNet, the high-speed network solution.   Later, at GTech, a gaming technology business, Roberts ran a network of 150,000 VSATs in 12 US states.  At what became Comtech, he managed a demanding teleport of very large antennas, managing certification and best practice programs to enable this youthful business to bid for multi-billion-dollar services from the US government business.   This experience was the foundation of his highly successful satcom services consulting practice for small businesses and start-ups.  In total, as a full-time employee and consultant, Roberts has served the Phasor business for five years from Phasor Solutions through the transition to Hanwha Systems.  Roberts serves on the management committee.